About Me

Hello :)


I’m programmer and computer security enthusiast. This blog was started to document all the cool things I learn and to share it with the people who might find it useful and helpful. Also, to streamline things, make the process of pentesting clear Umm… sort of. I have converted the blog in to Sphinx, so if you want to collaborate, correct/ add / modify some content i.e add knowledge. Please submit a pull request. :)

Currently, I am trying to learn penetration testing using VulHub Machines, next in plan is to read tutorials on Cyberaces.org and enroll in OSCP.


  • Introduction to Cyber Security by FutureLearn.

  • Over The Wire: Bandit, Leviathan, Narnia, Behemoth.


Over the Wire, Other games, Cryptopals, VulnHub Images, Exploit-exercises

If you have any suggestion, I would be happy to receive your email at bitvijays@gmail.com or ping me on Twitter

Vijay Kumar